If you have a question related to materials or manufacturing, I shall be happy to help you find the best possible answer. My preference is to work at the early stages of design and engineering projects, as this is where my advice has its maximum potential value. We can jointly decide if there is any synergy with my TU Delft-based work. Please bear in mind that any such projects cannot be confidential. My consulting services can also be used independent of TU Delft, and then full confidentiality is assured.

Specialty topics: lightweight design, smart materials, aluminium, stainless steel, engineering plastics, injection moulding, thermoforming, aluminium extrusion, 3D printing, fastening (bolted joints), smart industry, and (design for) recycling. See also under

My commercial consulting  activity is performed under company name registered at:

The Chamber of Commerce under no. 70668809 (Province of Brabant).